Peter Packer

Front-end Developer

Lear­nPress Word­Press LMS Plug­in desi­gned with fle­xi­ble & sca­lable eLear­ning sys­tem in mind. This Word­Press eLear­ning Plug­in comes up with 10+ addons (and coun­ting) to extend the abili­ty of this Word­Press Lear­ning Manage­ment Sys­tem. This is incredible. ”




Lear­nPress is a com­pre­hen­si­ve LMS solu­ti­on for Word­Press. This Word­Press LMS Plug­in can be used to easi­ly crea­te & sell cour­ses online. Each cour­se cur­ri­cu­lum can be made with les­sons & quiz­zes which can be mana­ged with easy-to-use user inter­face, it never gets easier with LearnPress. ”


John Doe

Art director

Lear­nPress is a Word­Press com­ple­te solu­ti­on for crea­ting a Lear­ning Manage­ment Sys­tem (LMS). It can help me to crea­te cour­ses, les­sons and quiz­zes and mana­ge them as easy as I want. I’ve lear­ned a lot, and I high­ly recom­mend it. Thank you. ”




You don’t need a who­le ecom­mer­ce sys­tem to sell your online cour­ses. Pay­pal, Stri­pe pay­ment methods inte­gra­ti­on can help you sell your cour­ses out of the box. In the case you wan­na use Woo­Com­mer­ce, this awe­so­me Word­Press LMS Plug­in will ser­ve you well too. ”



CEO at Thimpress

Edu­ca­ti­on WP The­me is a com­pre­hen­si­ve LMS solu­ti­on for Word­Press The­me. This beau­tiful the­me based on Lear­nPress — the best Word­Press LMS plug­in. Edu­ca­ti­on WP the­me will bring you the best LMS expe­ri­ence ever with super fri­end­ly UX and com­ple­te eLear­ning features. ”


Sus­an Jackson

Wordpress Developer

Edu­ca­ti­on WP is a spe­cial build for an effec­ti­ve edu­ca­ti­on & Lear­ning Manage­ment Sys­tem site. Edu­ca­ti­on WP is the next gene­ra­ti­on & one of the best edu­ca­ti­on Word­Press the­mes which con­ta­ins all the strength of eLear­ning WP and comes with bet­ter UI/UX. ”